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    • axxun Developer License - FREE

      NOTE TO VISITORS: Since you are on this page you are either part of a very select group of developers invited to join the axxun “alpha/Pre-Beta,” or a very clever person who has found it on your own. Either way, we encourage you to download the axxun “alpha/Pre-Beta” for evaluation. This version is mostly ready for beta release, but we are still working on some final issues. When you sign in to download axxun, you can request we send you updates on further releases. You can also find release updates on our Beta Central page. In any case, we thank you in advance for your interest and look forward to your feedback on axxun.  

      The revolution has begun!

      axxun Developer is the Free version of axxun you can use to create fully-functional applications. It’s a code-free application development tool that makes it easy to develop custom applications. axxun completely eliminates writing code, compiling or debugging. The intuitive design allows programmers and non-technical users alike to quickly create sophisticated systems large and small. axxun Developer can be used to build robust programs in a fraction of the time it would take to create custom code. Axxun Developer is limited to 1024 database entries per object. Use it to learn axxun and develop fully-functional applications.

      axxun is currently in free open pre-beta. It is fully functional to use and evaluate.

      Join the axxun revolution – download axxun's FREE. 



      • No coding required – easy and intuitive development
      • Objects can be defined in any order, in an iterative manner
      • Automatically build databases
      • axxun automatically discovers, defines and manages entity relationships
      • Includes the ODBE - our proprietary, built-in add-on that allows axxun to interact seamlessly with SQL databases
      • Applications created in axxun Developer (Free) are limited to 1024 database entries per object. When you exceed the limit, your application will not accept additional user input.You can clear out your database for continued testing or use. axxun Developer Plus removes this limit

      System Requirements 

      • Operating System: Microsoft® Windows, Windows Mobile, Linux
        • Any Win32/64 Operating System: Desktop, Server or Mobile
        • Linux via the win32 APIs provided with an installation under Wine
      • The latest version of Microsoft® Silverlight (provided/updated on installation)
      • 500k minimum memory
      • 25 MB minimum disk space


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